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About Us

      Advanced Medical Publishing (AMP) was formed in 1992 to provide the radiation oncologists and physicists with books in radiation oncology - those published by us and those published by others (including of all the existing publishers in United States). We serve as both publisher and distributor, to provide the customer with one place to obtain the information needed about the books available in their field.


      For your convenience we have categorized the publications into two main separate categories: Radiation Oncology Physics and Radiation Oncology Clinical. However, some books may appear more than once in various subcategories if contains the pertinent topic.


      We are planning to expand this site to cover Diagnostic Radiology Physics and Clinical publications. This portion of the site is presently underdevelopment gradually.


We carefully review the other publisher’s books before we add them to the proper category. The new releases for each main category will be posted in "What’s New" category. The best sellers are the books with higher frequency demand. We will try to up-date the database when a new publication becomes available.


For all time saving and practical purposes we strongly feel that this site is the only one you need to visit and purchase the books you desire while saving invaluable time.


Please e-mail us if you are planning to publish a book. We work closely with our authors to produce the highest quality production including meticulous editing and UNIqueTMdesign which is the trademark of Advanced Medical Publishing.


We welcome and thank our corporate sponsors-Computerized Medical System, Standard Imaging, and MU Check.


If you are interested in advertising with Advanced Medical Publishing, Please write or e-mail us.


Please e-mail your comments and let us know how AMP can improve this site and to become a useful source of obtaining the professional books in your field.


At last, we believe our most important asset is our commitment to our authors and customers, and to excellence in everything we do.


With best regard,


Siamak Shahabi, PhD, Chief Technical Editor & Managing Editor


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