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2013 Rabex: Radiation and Cancer Biology Practice Examination: on-line examination with ability to log back in to review the exam  
Please download the form and submit to Advanced Medical Publishing. Instructions are enclosed. 
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Exam will be open on  June 1, 2013

To enroll for the exam, and pay via credit card directly, click here.

Download Rabex 2013 Interative Registration Form and email or fax to AMP at 608.833.2255.

Please note that you must also e-mail each examinee's,  first and last name,  e-mail,  year of residency,  & address, and phone number to: info@rabex.net.


    This is to announce that the 2013 version of the Radiation and Cancer Biology Practice Examination will be available in June 1, 2013 or sooner. The purpose of the Radiation and Cancer Biology Practice Examination is to supplement the training of radiation oncology residents by providing an educational resource to help guide residents in the study of cancer and radiation biology. It is anticipated that the Radiobiology Practice Examination will also assist residents and board eligible radiation oncologists in preparation for the cancer and radiation biology section of the cognitive exam administered by the American Board of Radiology for certification in radiation oncology.

    The exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions in molecular mechanisms of DNA damage and repair; chromosome and chromatid damage; mechanisms of cell death; cell survival models; LET and RBE; oxygen effect; repair at the cellular level; tumor microenvironment; cell and tissue kinetics; molecular signaling; cancer biology; total body irradiation; clinical and mechanistic responses to radiation of normal tissues; therapeutic ratio; time, dose and fractionation; brachytherapy; alternative radiation modalities; chemotherapeutic agents; radiosensitizers, bioreductive drugs and radioprotectors; hyperthermia; radiation carcinogenesis; heritable effects of radiation; radiation effects in the developing embryo; radiation protection. The answer, along with an explanation and appropriate reference, will be provided for each question.

  Editor-in- Chief:

  Marcelo Vazquez, MD, PhD

  Loma Linda University Medical Center

  Chief-Technical Editor:

  Siamak Shahabi, PhD  

  Rabex Organization & Advanced Medical Publishing, Inc.        


June 1, 2013
$125.00 U.S. (Shipping Included)
Advanced Medical Publishing, Inc.  
email: info@rabex.net
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