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An Introduction to Radiation Protection in Medicine 
Jamie V. Trapp, Tomas Kron 
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Combining facets of health physics with medicine, An Introduction to Radiation Protection in Medicine covers the background of the subject and the medical situations where radiation is the tool to diagnose or treat human disease. Encouraging newcomers to the field to properly and efficiently function in a versatile and evolving work setting, it familiarizes them with the particular problems faced during the application of ionizing radiation in medicine.

The text builds a fundamental knowledge base before providing practical descriptions of radiation safety in medicine. It covers basic issues related to radiation protection, including the physical science behind radiation protection and the radiobiological basis of radiation protection. The text also presents operational and managerial tools for organizing radiation safety in a medical workplace. Subsequent chapters form the core of the book, focusing on the practice of radiation protection in different medical disciplines. They explore a range of individual uses of ionizing radiation in various branches of medicine, including radiology, nuclear medicine, external beam radiotherapy, and brachytherapy.

With contributions from experienced practicing physicists, this book provides essential information about dealing with radiation safety in the rapidly shifting and diverse environment of medicine.

Table of Contents:
Tomas Kron
Fundamentals of Radiation Physics
Jamie V. Trapp and Peter Johnston
Radiation and Risk: Radiobiological Background
Tomas Kron
Radiation Detection and Simulation Methods
Jamie V. Trapp and Peter Johnston
Managing Radiation in the Workplace
Peter Johnston, Jamie V. Trapp, and Tomas Kron
Radiation Protection in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
John Heggie
Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine
Raymond Budd
Radiation Protection in External Beam Radiotherapy
Jim Cramb
Radiation Protection in Brachytherapy
Ram Das
Outlook and Conclusion
Tomas Kron
Jamie V. Trapp, Tomas Kron
296 Pages, March 13, 2008
$92.00 U.S.
ISBN: 1584889640; ISBN: 9781584889649  
email: info@rabex.net
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