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Biological Models and Their Applications in Radiation Oncology 
Kjeld J. Olsen 
Highly recommended for residents, radiation oncologists, radiation biologists, and radiobiologists and other professionals in radiation therapy 
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This book presents the most widely used biophysical models for fractionated external beam radiation therapy and brachytherapy. The main equations for each model 
are derived and presented together with extensive clinical examples designed to help show how the models are used in daily clinical practice.

Each model is examined, the main critical and weak points of each model are discussed, and some of the mathematics behind the more complicated models are explained. 
The book is intended specifically for actual daily clinical attention. 

This book is highly recommended for residents and other professionals in radiation therapy.

Contents include:

PART 1: External Beam Therapy

Nominal Standard Dose or Ellis Model
Partial Tolerance
Split Course Corrections
Addition of Schedules
CRE Model
Corrections for Gaps in Treatment
The TDF Approach
TDF Applications to Split Course
Further Developments of the Biological Model
Shortcomings and Criticisms of NSD, CRE, and TDF Models
Other Power Law Models
Gap Correction
Cell-Population-Kinetic Model (Cohen Model)
Single Hit Multitarget Approach
Linear Quadratic Approach
The Linear Quadratic Model
Isoeffect Relations
Practical Use of the L-Q Model
Calculations for Complex Schedules

PART II: Brachytherapy: Brachytherapy: The Dose- Rate Effect

The NSD Model for Brachytherapy
The CRE Model for Brachytherapy
CRE Equation for Long-lived Radioisotopes
CRE Equation for Short-lived Radioisotopes
Rest Periods and Volume Effects
The TDF Model for Brachytherapy
TDF for Long-lived Radioactive Sources
TDF for Short-lived Radioactive Sources
Teq for Short-lived Sources or Temporary Implants
Teq for Permanent Implants
TDF for Split-course Brachytherapy
Total TDF for Brachytherapy + External Beam
The L-Q Model for Brachytherapy
Temporary Implants
Permanent Implants

Multiple Fractions Per Day With Incomplete Repair Between Fractions
Appendix A: Summary of Equations of Biological Models
Appendix B: CED and TDF
Kjeld J. Olsen
61 Pages, Jamuary 1995, Softcover
$75.00 U.S.
Advanced Medical Publishing, Inc.  ISBN: ISBN: 1-883526-12-4, AMP Internal Code: 6035  
email: info@rabex.net
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