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Handbook of Radiobiology 
Kedar N. Prasad; Univ/Colorado Health Sci. Ctr. 
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This handbook presents the most current information on the effects of ionizing radiation on mammalian cells, with emphasis on human tissues. The dose-effect relationship is emphasized in a quantitative manner. The book contains up-to-date data on the late effects of low levels of radiation on humans. It also provides some of the late consequences of radiation therapy detected among cancer survivors.



o Recent studies on the interaction of radiation with hyperthermia, electronaffinic compounds, and other new radiomodifying agents

o The effects of radiation on mutation, chromosomal damage, fetuses, and cancer incidence

o Recent advances in identification

o New tools to investigate the mechanisms of action of ionizing radiation on mammalian cells

o The effect of radiation on the expression of several proto-oncogenes and oncogenes

o Radiation-induced carcinogenesis in mechanistic terms

o A separate section describing current strategy for cancer prevention

o The revised concept and value of maximum permissible dose (MPD)




Development of Radiobiology: A Review,

Basic Cell Biology,

Physics of Radiation Biology,

Cellular Radiation Damage,

Modifications of Cellular Radiation Damage,

Repair of Radiation Damage,

Molecular Radiation Biology,

Radiation Syndromes and Their Modifications,

Radiation Damage of Skin and Mucous Membrane,

Radiation Damage of the Nervous System,

Radiation Damage of the Reproductive Organs,

Radiation Damage of Other Organ Systems,

Radiation Immunology,

Background, Medical, and Commercial Sources,

Radiation Injuries to Human Fetuses,

Radiation-Induced Genetic Damage,

Radiation Carcinogenesis: Tissue Culture Model,

Radiation Carcinogenesis: Animal Model,

Radiation Carcinogenesis: Human Model,

Radiation Carcinogenesis: Secondary Neoplasms After Tumor Therap,

Other Late Effects: Aging, Cataract, and Aplastic Anemia,

Maximum Permissible Dose,

Radiation Response of Human Tumors, and

Radioisotopes in Biology and Medicine



"The book is of impressively wide scope, is easy both to read and refer to, and is particularly good in the physiology, toxicology, and risk aspects of radiation. It is ideal for reference and to read for broadening one's knowledge of topics often omitted (for reasons of time) from specialist courses such as for residents in radiation oncology, nuclear medicine, or diagnostic imaging...I admire it." Fowler, Leuven 
Kedar N. Prasad; Univ/Colorado Health Sci. Ctr.
352 Pages, June 1995
$365.00 now $292.00 U.S.
ISBN: 0849325013  
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