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Radiation Oncology (Physics)

Basic Therapy Physics

   Radiation physics
Treatment Planning
   Basic treatment planning
   3-D conformal therapy
   3-D conformal & IMRT
   Imaging in treatment planning
   Intensity modulated RT (IMRT)
   Inverse treatment planning
   Basic principle
   Photon & electron
   Monitor Unit
   High-dose rate
   Low-dose rate
   Monte carlo dosimetry
   Quality assurance
Radiation Therapists
   Radiation protection
Special Procedures
   Neutron capture therapy
   Stereotactic radiosurgery
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Principles and Practice of Stereotactic Radiosurgery  
Chin, Lawrence; Regine, William F 
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The only contemporary, comprehensive reference on the topic
Provides current information and state-of-the-art instructions on technique for all practitioners in this expanding field

This is the first contemporary, comprehensive reference for neurosurgeons and radiation oncologists using Gamma Knife and Linear Accelerator technology. Each chapter includes specific case presentations representative of the most commonly treated conditions, including applications for spinal disorders.

Chapters conclude with counterpoint experiences, oriented to treatment options other than radiosurgery (i.e., medical management, standard surgery). These counterpoint discussions are written by noted experts and address in greater detail the indications, results and complications of their approach and enable readers to improve decision making with regard to choosing treatment options for their own patients. Also included is information on important non-surgical aspects of radiosurgery, including site construction, regulatory and billing issues, legal concerns, and nursing care issues.

The editors have treated over 3000 patients using this technology, and international contributors share their experience as well.

Written for:

Neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, neuroradiologists


"This well written, excellent book is a comprehensive and balanced overview of stereotactic radiosurgery. … it is an invaluable resource for other specialists who need a primer of the concepts of stereotactic techniques and treatment indications. … This is an outstanding contribution to the field of stereotactic radiosurgery and should be on the shelf of all neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, and medical physicists who treat patients using this modality. It also should be mandatory for all medical libraries." (Al Taira, Doody’s Review Service, September, 2008)

Table of contents:

PART I     The Fundamentals:

1 The History of Stereotactic Radiosurgery
   Michael Schulder and Vaibhav Patil
 2 Neuroimaging in Radiosurgery Treatment Planning and
   Follow-up Evaluation
   Clark C. Chen, Paul H. Chapman, Hanne Kooy, and Jay S. Loeffler
 3 Techniques of Stereotactic Radiosurgery
   Chris Heller, Cheng Yu, and Michael L.J. Apuzzo

PART II     Radiation Biology and Physics:

4 The Physics of Stereotactic Radiosurgery
   Siyong Kim and Jatinder Palta
 5 Radiobiological Principles Underlying Stereotactic
   Radiation Therapy
   David J. Brenner
 6 Experimental Radiosurgery Models .
   Ajay Niranjan and Douglas Kondziolka
 7 Treatment Planning for Stereotactic Radiosurgery
   David M. Shepard, Cedric Yu, Martin Murphy, Marc R. Bussière, and
   Frank J. Bova
 8 Designing, Building and Installing a Stereotactic
   Radiosurgery Unit
   Lijun Ma and Martin Murphy

PART III     Stereotactic Radiosurgery Techniques:

9 Gamma Knife Radiosurgery
   Ajay Niranjan, Sait Sirin, John C. Flickinger, Ann Maitz,
   Douglas Kondziolka and L. Dade Lunsford
10 Linear Accelerator Radiosurgery
   William A. Friedman
11 Proton Beam Radiosurgery: Physical Bases and
   Clinical Experience
   Georges Noel, Markus Fitzek, Loïc Feuvret, and
   Jean Louis Habrand
12 Robotics and Radiosurgery
   Cesare Giorgi and Antonio Cossu
13 CyberKnife Radiosurgery
   John R. Adler Jr., Alexander Muacevic, and Pantaleo Romanelli

PART IV      Treatment of Disease Types:

14 Brain Metastases
   John H. Suh, Gene H. Barnett, and William F. Regine
15 Metastatic Brain Tumors: Surgery Perspective
   Raymond Sawaya and David M. Wildrick
16 Brain Metastases: Whole-Brain Radiation Therapy Perspective
   Roy A. Patchell and William F. Regine
17 High-Grade Gliomas
   David Roberge and Luis Souhami
18 Malignant Glioma: Chemotherapy Perspective
   Roger Stupp and J. Gregory Cairncross
19 Meningioma
   Carlos A. Mattozo and Antonio A.F. de Salles
20 Meningioma: Surgery Perspective
   Lawrence S. Chin, Pulak Ray, and John Caridi
21 Intracranial Meningioma: Fractionated Radiation
   Therapy Perspective
   Leland Rogers, Dennis Shrieve, and Arie Perry
22 Meningioma: Systemic Therapy Perspective
   Steven Grunberg
23 Acoustic Schwannoma
   William M. Mendenhall, Robert J. Amdur, Robert S. Malyapa, and
   William A. Friedman
24 Acoustic Neuroma: Surgical Perspective
   Indro Chakrabarti and Steven L. Giannotta
25 Acoustic Neuromas and Other Benign Tumors: Fractionated
   Stereotactic Radiotherapy Perspective
   David W. Andrews, Greg Bednarz, Beverly Downes, and
   Maria Werner-Wasik

26 Pituitary Tumors
   Kintomo Takakura, Motohiro Hayashi, and Masahiro Izawa
27 Pituitary Adenomas: Surgery Perspective
   William T. Couldwell and Martin H. Weiss
28 Pituitary and Pituitary Region Tumors: Fractionated Radiation
   Therapy Perspective
   Jonathan P.S. Knisely and Paul W. Sperduto
29 Pituitary and Pituitary Region Tumors: Medical Therapy
   Mansur E. Shomali
30 Pediatric Radiosurgery
   Andrew Reisner, Nicholas J. Szerlip, and Lawrence S. Chin
31 Pediatric Brain Tumors: Conformal Radiation Therapy
   Thomas E. Merchant
32 Pediatric Brain Tumors: Chemotherapy Perspective
   Amar Gajjar
33 Pineal Region Tumors
   Gregory P. Lekovic and Andrew G. Shetter
34 Pineal Region Tumors: Surgery Perspective
   Alfred T. Ogden and Jeffrey N. Bruce
35 Pineal Tumors: Fractionated Radiation Therapy Perspective
   Steven E. Schild
36 Pineal Region Tumors: Chemotherapy Perspective
   Barry Meisenberg and Lavanya Yarlagadda
37 Skull Base Tumors
   Stefanie Milker-Zabel, Young Kwok, and Jürgen Debus
38 Skull Base Tumors: Surgery Perspective
   James K. Liu, Oren N. Gottfried, and William T. Couldwell
39 Skull Base Tumors: Fractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy
   René-Olivier Mirimanoff and Alessia Pica
40 Head and Neck Tumors
   Daniel T.T. Chua, Jonathan Sham, Kwan-Ngai Hung, and
   Lucullus Leung
41 Head and Neck Tumors: Surgery Perspective
   Gregory Y. Chin and Uttam K. Sinha

42 Head and Neck Malignancies: Chemotherapy and Radiation
   Mohan Suntharalingam, Kathleen Settle, and Kevin J. Cullen
43 Spinal Tumors
   Robert L. Dodd, Iris Gibbs, John R. Adler Jr., and Steven D. Chang
44 Spine Tumors: Surgery Perspective
   Gabriel Zada and Michael Y. Wang
45 Spinal Metastases: Fractionated Radiation Therapy Perspective
   Eric L. Chang and Almon S. Shiu
46 Arteriovenous Malformation
   Bruce E. Pollock
47 Arteriovenous Malformations: Surgery Perspective
   Ricardo J. Komotar, Elena Vera, J. Mocco, and
   E. Sander Connolly Jr.
48 Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformations: Endovascular Therapy
   Felipe C. Albuquerque, David Fiorella, and Cameron G. McDougall
49 Cavernous Malformations and Other Vascular Diseases
   Ajay Niranjan, David Mathieu, Douglas Kondziolka,
   John C. Flickinger, and L. Dade Lunsford
50 Cerebral Cavernous Malformations: Surgical Perspective
   Robert L. Dodd and Gary K. Steinberg
51 Cavernous Malformations and Other Vascular Abnormalities:
   Observation-Alone Perspective
   Sepideh Amin-Hanjani and Frederick G. Barker II
52 Trigeminal Neuralgia
   Lawrence S. Chin, Shilpen Patel, Thomas Mattingly, and Young Kwok
53 Trigeminal Neuralgia: Surgical Perspective
   David B. Cohen, Michael Y. Oh, and Peter J. Jannetta
54 Trigeminal Neuralgia: Medical Management Perspective
   Neil C. Porter
55 Movement Disorder
56 Movement Disorders: Deep-Brain Stimulation Perspective
   John Y.K. Lee, Joshua M. Rosenow, and Ali R. Rezai
57 Movement Disorder: Medical Perspective
   Sangjin Oh and William J. Weiner
58 Psychiatric and Pain Disorders
   Jason Sheehan, Nader Pouratian, and Charles Sansur
59 Intractable Epilepsies
    Jean Régis, Fabrice Bartolomei, and Patrick Chauvel
60 Epilepsy: Surgery Perspective
    Keith G. Davies and Edward Ahn
61 Ocular and Orbital Lesions
    Gabriela Šimonová, Roman Liscák, and Josef Novotný Jr.ˇ
62 Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
    Laura A. Dawson
63 Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy: Fractionated Radiation
    Therapy Perspective
    Gordon W. Wong, Rafael R. Mañon, Wolfgang Tomé, and
    Minesh Mehta
64 Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy: Brachytherapy
    Caroline L. Holloway, Desmond O’Farrell, and Phillip M. Devlin

PART V Patient Care and Socioeconomic Issues:

65 Complications and Management in Radiosurgery
    Isaac Yang, Penny K. Sneed, David A. Larson, and
    Michael W. McDermott
66  Cost-Effectiveness and Quality of Life
    Minesh Mehta and May N. Tsao
67 Regulatory and Reimbursement Aspects of Radiosurgery
    Rebecca Emerick
68 Medicolegal Issues in Stereotactic Radiosurgery
    April Strang-Kutay
69 The Semantics of Stereotactic Radiation Therapy
    Louis Potters
70 Building a Radiosurgery Program
    N. Scott Litofsky and Andrea D’Agostino-Demers
71 Patient Care in Stereotactic Radiosurgery
    Terri F. Biggins


Chin, Lawrence; Regine, William F
722 Pages, Illustrations: 492 illus., 106 in color., Hardcover, 2008
$199.00 U.S.
ISBN: 9780387710693 ; Springer-Verlag  
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Radiation Oncology (Clinical)

Clinical Oncology

   Essential textbooks
Special Topics
   Head & Neck
   Leukemias & Lymphomas
   Color-matrix staging
   Staging atlas
   TNM classification
Surgical Oncology
Treatment Planning
   Basic treatment planning
   3-D conformal & IMRT
   3-D conformal therapy
   Intensity modulated RT (IMRT)
   Basic & clinical
   High-dose rate
   Low-dose rate
   Quality assurance
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